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    2. Company News
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              SNEC 11th International Photovoltaic Power Exhibition was held from April 19th to 21st 2017 at Shanghai New International Expo Center as scheduled opening. We, Hebei Yiheng Tech, as one of the professional manufacturer of solar PV module assembly equipment in China, attended the exhibition with new products, which are attractive to customers from domestic and international market. 

      Outstanding equipments on display

      High-efficiency Automatic Stringer 

      Adopt unique double feeding structure, with the leading design of binary welding belt feeding, heating platform and cooling system.

      Automatic Bus-bar Soldering Machine

      As the perfect alternative to manual welding, which can realize bus-bar intelligent welding, high efficiency, accurate operation.

      Double Glass Automatic Edge Banding Machine 

      Used for automatic edge banding of double glass components after laminating , can replace the traditional manual sealing, improved efficiency and precision.

      Full Automatic Solar Cell Laser Scribing System 

      Used for high-efficiency full automatic solar PV panel production line, widthwise cut the standard specifications of the crystalline silicon cell into various equal sizes.

      The grand scene on our booth


       With splendid performance and outstanding advantage, Yiheng’s  products are attractive to number of customers, there are full of customers in our booth for several times, and concerned from the beginning to the end.


      The domestic and foreign customers are all interested in Yiheng’s products, and communicate with us in details, Yiheng team respond to our customers carefully and with full of passion.

      The domestic professional media "SHINE Light" magazine interviewed Mr. Zhao Jiqin, General Manager of the Company. Mr. Zhao analyzed the advantage of new products and shared the successful experience of keep leading in technology research and development, and prospected the development plan in the future at the same time.

      The launch of these new products, marks Yiheng Tech to realize the leap-forward development in providing complete photovoltaic module production line equipment. In the future, Yiheng Tech will continue to research and develop unmanned production line, and high automation photovoltaic equipment. Next year, Yiheng Tech will show up in 2018 SNEC  Exhibition with more advanced and varied automation products, we are looking forward to meet you again!


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